Precision medicine becomes accessible with Sunquest Mitogen™ knowledge sharing and automated workflows

MedComp Sciences brings the power of genomic medicine to patients and providers

Through testing that enables genetically informed prescribing practices, MedComp empowers patients to optimize their treatment so clinicians can help patients avoid a costly, difficult trial-and-error period when being treated for cancer, chronic pain, depression and other ailments.

With Sunquest Mitogen™, MedComp Sciences has implemented new informatics solutions to automate more of the laboratory workflow, from accessioning to reporting. Sunquest Mitogen makes it faster and easier to provide genetics-based support to clinical decision making.

In this case study, learn how Sunquest helped MedComp Sciences:

  • Modernize its LIMS system for molecular testing, developing an automated workflow system with Sunquest Mitogen LIMS
  • Automate both simple and complex generation, with validated variant information, clinical guidelines and decision-making from Sunquest Mitogen Genetic Analysis
  • Combine clinical data with ongoing knowledgebase updates from Sunquest’s VariantWire
  • Prepare for the future with a platform that can adapt and scale as more testing options are added and variant knowledge grows

“Genetics can provide new insights about ourselves and new tools that personalize our healthcare decisions. To accomplish this most effectively will require the specialized resources and expertise of our partners at Sunquest.”Jason Walker, PhD, MedComp Sciences Lead Geneticist

Download the case study today.

Ready to learn more? Sunquest’s white paper, Molecular Diagnostics for Healthcare Facilities: How to Start and Scale an Efficient Testing Program, explains how a lab can grow its molecular testing ability efficiently and affordably, without disrupting the current workflow of the lab. Read the whitepaper.

Read the Case Study: MedComp makes precision medicine accessible with knowledge sharing and automated workflows

Read the Case Study

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